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Brooke Taylor, Melbourne's own musical maverick, is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and guitar-thumper.


Navigating the waves of rock, blues, country, soul and pop, (‘alt-country’ if you want to put it in one genre), Brooke has ignited stages and rocked festivals nationwide. She's been the sonic firestorm at events like the St Kilda Music Festival, Leaps and Bounds, Nightjar Festival and The Taste Of Tassie to name a few.

Brooke's musical journey has been a wild ascent, marked by unforgettable performances and thrilling accolades. In 2019, she proved her mettle as a Lyrebird Gift finalist. She's shared the spotlight with legends, opening for titans like the Pierce Brothers (AUS), Luka Bloom (IRE), Joe Pug (US), Renee Geyer (AUS), Tex Perkins (AUS), and Tim Rogers (AUS).

In 2021, Brooke Taylor took her credentials to the next level, becoming the newest, electrifying member of Mick Thomas' Roving Commission.

Brooke writes from the gut. Her music is the raw, untamed pulse of the human experience, delivered with unapologetic power and searing emotion. Her songs are built on a foundation of relentless rhythm guitar, vocals that blaze like wildfire, and lyrics that speak to the very soul.

Backed by her incredible band ‘The Poison Spitting Gin Queens’, Brooke’s debut album, 'It's The Little Things,' exploded onto the scene, smashing its way to #2 on the Australian Independent Album Charts in July 2020.

Brooke Taylor is not just a musician; she's a force. You'll be left wondering how someone so small can take up so much space.

"Brooke has the power and panache, the style and the sass. Can melt you or maintain you with the way she inhabits tunes. A writer and performer for the ages." 

- Tim Rogers

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